I haven’t received an email confirmation yet, what is the status / what happened to my order?

Since many things can happen to emails (Typo in the address, email landed in the junk folder, IP issues…etc) we encourage customers to use the “Track Order” on the menu to check their order status. Link Here

In the first field please input either your order number or reference code, both will work and in the second field please submit the same email address you have used when you placed the order.

We would like to apologies but due to high amount of email requests we cannot manually write order status update to each customer who opens a support ticket, so please use the “Track Order” tool first, if you see that your order hasn’t been marked as paid after 2 work days of sending payment or something happened to your package (shipment tracking is also found on that page), then please contact our support for help 🙂 this will reduce unnecessary emails and will allow us to answer quickly to those who really need help.

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